Under review
Kinetic-Driven MOCVD Growth of 2D Layered Metastable Germanium Chalcogenide
Hwayoung Song, Gichang Noh, Jae Hwan Jeong, Heenang Choi, Min-kyung Jo, Yong-Sung Kim, Saeyoung Oh, Yongjoon Lee, Min-Yeong Choi, Eoram Moon, Tae Soo Kim, Hyun-Jun Chai, Woong Huh, Mingyu Kim, Chul-Ho Lee, Cheol-Joo Kim, Heejun Yang, Senugwoo Song, Hu Young Jeong, Jongsun Lim, Taek-Mo Chung, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Joon Young Kwak, Kibum Kang
Two-dimensional Material Templates for van der Waals and Remote Epitaxy and Intercalation Growth
Huije Ryu, Hyunik Park, Jong Hun Kim, Jihyun Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Enhanced Photoluminescence and Large Hysteresis of MoS2 by Functionalized Substrate
Eunji Ji, Kyungmin Yang, June-Chul Shin, Jin-Woo Park, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Irreversible Conducive Filament Contacts for van der Waals Heterostructure Devices     
Youn Sung Na*, June-Chul Shin*, Eunji Ji, Woong Huh, Inhyuk Im, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Ho Won Jang , Chul-Ho Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Laser-induced Phase Transition and Patterning of hBN-encapsulated MoTe2 
Huije Ryu, Yunah Lee, Jae Hwan Jung, Yangjin Lee, Yeryun Cheon, Siwon Oh, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Kwanpyo Kim, Hyeonsik Cheong, Chul-Ho Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Nucleation and Growth of Monolayer MoS2 by Sulfurization of Faceted MoO2 Crystals
Yeonjoon Jung, Huije Ryu, Hangyel Kim, Jaewoong Joo, Seong Chul Hong, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Band Structure-related Friction Behavior of Grain Boundary in Chemical-vapor-deposited MoS2
Jae Hwan Jeong, Jong Hun Kim, Yeonjoon Jung, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
van der Waals Eepitaxial recrystallization of gold thin film into crystallographically aligned single crystals
Yunah Lee, Yunyeong Chang, Huije Ryu, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Miyoung Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Atomic Reconstruction of Twisted Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Layers into a Perfect Commensurate Structure
Jihwan Baek, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
In-plane Anisotropy of Graphene by Strong Interlayer Interaction with van der Waals Epitaxially-grown MoO3
Hangyel Kim, Jonghun Kim, Jejun Park, Gwanghee Park, Jungchul Kim, Jihwan Baek, Soonmin Ryu, Hyeonsik Cheong, Youngwoo Son, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
On the Origin of Enhanced Power Output in Ferroelectric Polymer-based Triboelectric Nanogenerators: Role of Dipole Charge versus Piezoelectric Charge
Dong Geun Jeong, Young Joon Ko, Jong Hun Kim, Dae Sol Kong, Ying Chieh Hu, Dong Woo Lee, Seong Hyun Im, Jeongwan Lee, Mi Suk Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Chang Won Ahn, Joung Real Ahn, Minbaek Lee, Jeong Young Park, Jong Hoon Jung
Fatigue-induced Surface Modification of Zr-based Metallic Glass under Environmental Condition
Jong Hun Kim,+ Geun Hee Yoo,+ Eun Soo Park,* Gwan-Hyoung Lee*

Nanocrystalline Graphene for Ultrasensitive Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Giuliana Faggio, Rossella Grillo, Nicola Lisi, Francesco Buonocore, Rosa Cicerchia, Min Jung Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Andrea Capasso, Giacomo Messina
Applied Surface Science  599, 154035 (2022)
Improved Crystallinity of Graphene Grown on Cu/Ni (111) through Sequential Mobile Hot-Wire Heat Treatment
Myungwoo Choi,+ Jinwook Baek,+ Huije Ryu, Hyejeong Lee, Jicheol Byen, Seong-Gu Hong, Bum Jun Kim, Sooheon Cho, Jae Yong Song, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Hosun Shin*, Jae-Young Choi*, Seokwoo Jeon*
Nano Letters  Just accepted (2022)
Graphene Via Contact Architecture for Vertical Integration of vdW Heterostructure Devices
Yongjun Shin, Junyoung Kwon, Yeonsu Jeong, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Seongil Im, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Small  2200882 (2022)
STEM Image Analysis Based on Deep Learning: Identification of Vacancy Defects and Polymorphs of MoS2
Kihyun Lee, Jinsub Park, Soyeon Choi, Yangjin Lee, Sol Lee, Joowon Jung, Jong-Young Lee, Yong Soo Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Kwanpyo Kim
Nano Letters  22, 12, 4677–4685 (2022)
Pulsed Laser Ablation on Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Surfaces for Capillary Driven Flows
Md Shamim Mahmud, Akinjuyigbe Alo, Bahador Farshchian, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Namwon Kim
Surfaces and Interfaces  31, 101989 (2022)
Recent Trend in Chemical Functionalization of 2D Materials
Jae Hwan Jeong, Sojung Kang, Namwon Kim, Rakesh Joshi, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  24, 10684–10711 (2022)
Fluorinated Graphene Contacts and Passivation Layer for MoS2 Field-effect Transistors
Huije Ryu,+ Dong-Hyun Kim,+ Junyoung Kwon, Sang Kyu Park, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, SunPhil Kim, Arend M. van der Zande, Jangyup Son*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*
Advanced Electronic Materials  
2101370 (2022)
Modulation of Electrical Properties in MoTe2 by XeF2-mediated Surface Oxidation
Eunji Ji,+ Jong Hun Kim,+ Wanggon Lee, June-Chul Shin, Hyungtak Seo, Jin-Woo Park, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Nanoscale Advances  4, 1191 - 1198 (2022)
June-Chul Shin, Yeon Ho Kim, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguch, Chul-Ho Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Advanced Materials Interfaces  9, 4, 2101763 (2021)
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Electrical Modulation of Exciton Complexes in Light-Emitting Tunnel Transistors of a van der Waals Heterostructure 
Huije Ryu, Junyoung Kwon, Seunghoon Yang, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Young Duck Kim, James Hone, Chul-Ho Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
ACS Photonics  8, 12, 3455–3461 (2021)

‌Highlighted as Supplementary Cover Image
Modulation of Optical and Electrical Properties in Hexagonal Boron Nitride by Defects Induced via Oxygen Plasma Treatment 
Youn Sung Na,+ Jong Hun Kim,+ Sojung Kang, Jae Hwan Jeong, Sunho Park, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Young-Kyun Kwon, Daehyun Kim, Kyuwook Lim, Young Duck Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
2D Materials 8, 4, 045041 (2021)
Quasi-Static Secondary Flow Regions Formed by Microfluidic Contraction Flows of Wormlike Micellar Solutions 
Emad Jafari Nodoushan, Young Ju Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Namwon Kim
Physics of Fluids  33, 093112 (2021)
Anomalous Dimensionality-driven Phase Transition of MoTe2 in van der Waals Heterostructure  
Huije Ryu, Yangjin Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim, Kangwon Kim, Jungcheol Kim, Blanka E. Janicek, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Pinshane Y. Huang, Hyeonsik Cheong, Kwanpyo Kim, Young-Woo Son, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Advanced Functional Materials  31, 51, 2107376 (2021)
Substrate Effect on Doping and Degradation of Graphene 
Eunji Ji, Minjung Kim, Dongchul Sung, Suklyun Hong, Jong-Young Lee, Jin-Woo Park, Namwon Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Carbon  184, 651-658 (2021)
Enhanced Graphitic Domains of Unreduced Graphene Oxide and the Interplay of Hydration Behaviour and Catalytic Activity 
Tobias Foller, Rahman Daiyan, Xiaoheng Jin, Joshua Leverett, Hangyel Kim, Richard Webster, Jeaniffer E. Yap, Xinyue Wen, Aditya Rawal, K. Kanishka H. DeSilva, Masamichi Yoshimura, Heriberto Bustamate, Shery Chang, Priyank Kumar, Yi You , Gwan‐Hyoung Lee, Rose Amal, Rakesh Joshi
Materials Today  50, 44-54 (2021)
Evolution of Defect Formation during Atomic Precision Desulfurization of Monolayer MoS2 
Jong-Young Lee*, Jonghun Kim*, Yeonjoon Jung, June Chul Shin, Yangjin Lee, Kwanpyo Kim, Namwon Kim, Arend M. van der Zande, Jangyup Son*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*
Communications Materials  2, 80 (2021)
Single-crystalline Metallic Films Induced by van der Waals Epitaxy on Black Phosphorus
Yangjin Lee, Han-gyu Kim, Tae Keun Yun, Jong Chan Kim, Sol Lee, Sung Jin Yang, Myeongjin Jang, Donggyu Kim, Huije Ryu, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Seongil Im, Jinwoo Cheon, Hu Young Jeong, Hyoung Joon Choi, Kwanpyo Kim
Chemistry of Materials  33, 10, 3593–3601 (2021)
Tailored Hydrogen-free Carbon Film by Tuning the sp2-sp3 Configuration
Jong Hun Kim+, Sojung Kang+, Jin-Woo Park, Eul-Doo Park, Youn-Ki Jun, Jonghoon Jung, Namwon Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
ACS Applied Electronic Materials  3, 4, 1771–1779 (2021)
Artificial Neuron and Synapse Devices Based on Two-dimensional Materials
Geonyeop Lee+, Jihwan Baek+, Fan Ren, Stephen J. Pearton,* Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Jihyun Kim*
Small  17, 2100640 (2021)

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Atomic-Layer-Confined Multiple Quantum Wells Enabled by Monolithic Bandgap Engineering of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Yoon Seok Kim,+ Sojung Kang,+ Jong Chan Kim, Jae-Pil So, Kangwon Kim, Seunghoon Yang, Yeonjoon Jung, Yongjun Shin, Seongwon Lee, Donghun Lee, Hyeonsik Cheong, Hong-Gyu Park, Hu Young Jeong, Gwan-Hyoung Lee,* Chul-Ho Lee*
Science Advances
  7,  13, eabd7921 (2021)
Enhanced Photoluminescence of Multiple 2D van der Waals Heterostructures Fabricated by Layer-by-layer Oxidation of MoS2 
Sojung Kang+, Yoon Seok Kim+, Jae Hwan Jeong, Junyoung Kwon, Jong Hun Kim, Yeonjoon Jung, Jong Chan Kim, Bumho Kim, Sang Hyun Bae, Pinshane Huang, James Hone, Hu Young Jeong, Jin-Woo Park, Chul-Ho Lee*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13,  1245–1252 (2021)
Hydrogenated Graphene Improves Neuronal Network Maturation and Excitatory Transmission 
Matteo Moschetta, Jong-Young Lee, João Rodrigues, Alice Podestà, Omar Varvicchio,Jangyup Son, Yangjin Lee, Kwanpyo Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Fabio Benfenati, Mattia Bramini,* Andrea Capasso*
Advanced Biology 5, 2000177 (2021)
Tailoring Single- and Double-sided Fluorination of Bilayer Graphene via Substrate Interactions
Jangyup Son, Huije Ryu, Junyoung Kwon, Siyuan Huang, Jaehyung Yu, Jingwei Xu, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Eunji Ji,  Sol Lee, Yongjun Shin, Jong Hun Kim, Kwanpyo Kim, Arend van der Zande*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*
Nano Letters 21, 891–898 (2021)

Highlighted as Supplementary Cover Image
Two Dimensional Near Atom Thickness Materials for Emerging Neuromorphic Devices and Applications
Tae-Jun Ko, Hao Li, Sohrab Alex Mofid, Changhyeon Yoo, Emmanuel Okogbue, Sang Sub Han, Mashiyat Sumaiya Shawkat, Adithi Krishnaprasad, Molla Manjurul Islam, Durjoy Dev, Yongjun Shin, Kyu Hwan Oh, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Tania Roy, Yeonwoong Jung
iScience 23, 101676 (2020)
Interactions between Primary Neurons and Graphene Films with Different Structure and Electrical Conductivity
Andrea Capasso, João Rodrigues, Francesco Buonocore, Giuliana Faggio, Giacomo Messina, Min Jung Kim, Junyoung Kwon, Ernesto Placidi, Matteo Moschetta, Mattia Bramini, Fabio Benfenati, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Nicola Lisi
Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2005300 (2020)

Highlighted as Back Cover Image
Multi-operation Mode Light Emitting Field-Effect Transistors Based on van der Waals Heterostructure
Junyoung Kwon, June-Chul Shin, Huije Ryu, Jae Yoon Lee, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Dongjea Seo, Heon-Jin Choi, Young Duck Kim, James Hone, Chul-Ho Lee,* Gwan-Hyoung Lee*
Advanced Materials 32, 2003567 (2020)

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Polarization-controlled PVDF-based Hybrid Nanogenerator for an Effective Vibrational Energy Harvesting from Human Foot
Dong Woo Lee, Dong Geun Jeong, Jong Hun Kim, Hyun Soo Kim, Gonzalo Murillo, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Hyun-Cheol Song, Jong Hoon Jung
Nano Energy 76, 105066 (2020)
Tunable Wettability of Graphene through Nondestructive Hydrogenation and Wettability-Based Patterning for Bioapplications
Jangyup Son,+ Jong-Young Lee,+ Nalae Han, Jongin Cha, Jonghyun Choi, Junyoung Kwon, SungWoo Nam, Kyung-Hwa Yoo, Gwan-Hyoung Lee,* Jongill Hong*
Nano Letters  20, 5625–5631 (2020)

Highlighted as Supplement Cover Image
Monolithic Contact Engineering to Boost Optoelectronic Performances of 2D Semiconductor Photovoltaic Heterojunctions
Seunghoon Yang, Janghwan Cha, Jong Chan Kim, Donghun Lee, Woong Huh, Yoonseok Kim, Seong Won Lee, Hong-Gyu Park, Hu Young Jeong, Suklyun Hong*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Chul-Ho Lee*
Nano Letters  20, 2443-2451 (2020)
Highly Stretchable and Bendable Graphene Sensor with High Sensitivity of Strain and Pressure
Hyokeun Lee+, Min Jung Kim+, Jong Hun Kim, Jong-Young Lee, Eunji Ji, Andrea Capasso, Heon-Jin Choi, Wooyoung Shim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Materials Research Express   7, 045603 (2020)
Large-Scale Self-Limiting Synthesis of Monolayer MoS2 via Proximity Evaporation from Mo Films
Hong Je Choi, Ye Seul Jung, Seung Min Lee, Sojung Kang, Dongjea Seo, Hangyel Kim, Heon-Jin Choi, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Yong Soo Cho
Crystal Growth & Design  20, 2698-2705 (2020)
Effective Separation of CO2 Using Metal-incorporated rGO Membranes
Xiaoheng Jin, Tobias Foller, Xinyue Wen, Mohammad Bagher Ghasemian, Fei Wang, Mingwei Zhang, Heri Bustamante, Veena Sahajwalla, Priyank Kumar, Hangyel Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh, Rakesh Joshi*
Advanced Materials  32, 1907580 (2020)
Thickness Independent Semiconducting-to-Metallic Conversion in Wafer-Scale Two-Dimensional PtSe2 Layers by Plasma-Driven Chalcogen Defects Engineering
Mashiyat Shawkat, Jaeyoung Gil, Sang Sub Han, Tae-Jun Ko, Mengjing Wang, Durjoy Dev, Junyoung Kwon, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Kyu Hwan Oh, Hee-Suk Chung, Tania Roy, YounJoon Jung*, Yeonwoong Jung*
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  12, 14341-14351 (2020)
Atomic Scale Study for Black Phosphorus Degradation
Changbae Hyun, Jong Hun Kim, Jong‐Young Lee, Gwan‐Hyoung Lee,* Kwang S. Kim*
RSC Advances 10, 350-355 (2020)
2D Semiconducting Materials for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications: Potential and Challenge
Sojung Kang,+ Donghun Lee,+ Jong Hun Kim, Andrea Capasso, Hee Seong Kang, Chul-Ho Lee,* Gwan-Hyoung Lee*
2D Materials 7, 022003 (2020) 
Thickness-insensitive Properties of α-MoO3 Nanosheets by Weak Interlayer Coupling
Jong Hun Kim,+ Changbae Hyun,+ Hangyel Kim,+ Jatis Kumar Dash, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Nano Letters 19, 8868-8876 (2019)

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No Tilt Angle Dependence of Grain Boundary on Mechanical Strength of Chemically Deposited Graphene Film
Jonghun Kim,+ Sung Joo An,+ Jong-Young Lee, Eunji Ji, James Hone, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Journal of Korean Ceramic Society 56, 506-512 (2019)
Lattice Strain Formation through Spin‐Coupled Shells of MoS2 on Mo2C for Bifunctional Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts
Anand P. Tiwari, Yeoheung Yoon, Travis G. Novak, Minhe Lee, Ashraful Azam, Sun Sook Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Ki-Seok An,* Seokwoo Jeon*
Advanced Materials Interfaces 1900948 (2019)
Ferroelectric Polymer Enabled Contactless Electric Power Generation in Triboelectric Nanogenerators
Hyun Soo Kim, Dong Yeong Kim, Jae-Eun Kim, Jong Hun Kim, Dae Sol Kong, Gonzalo Murillo, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Jeong Young Park,* Jong Hoon Jung*
Advanced Functional Materials 29, 1905816 (2019)

Highlighted as Cover Image
Tailoring Surface Properties via Functionalized Hydrofluorinated Graphene Compounds
Jangyup Son, Nikita Buzov, Sihan Chen, Dongchul Sung, Huije Ryu, Jun-Young Kwon, Sunphil Kim, Jingwei Xu, Suklyun Hong, William P. King, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Arend van der Zande
Advanced Materials 31, 1903424 (2019)
All-2D ReS2 Transistors with Split Gates for Logic Circuitry
Junyoung Kwon, Yongjun Shin, Hyeokjae Kwon, Jae Yoon Lee, Hyunik Park, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Jihyun Kim, Chul-Ho Lee, Seongil Im, Gwan-Hyoung Lee 
Scientific Reports 9, 10354 (2019)

Highlighted by Nature Research Device and Materials Engineering
High-performance Monolayer MoS2 Field-effect Transistor with Large-scale Nitrogen-doped Graphene Electrodes for Ohmic Contact
Dongjea Seo, Dong Yun Lee, Jungyoung Kwon, Jea Jung Lee, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Keun Soo Kim, James Hone, Young Duck Kim*, Heon-jin Choi*
Applied Physics Letters 115, 012104 (2019)
Multifunctional Two-Dimensional PtSe2-Layer Kirigami Conductors with 2000% Stretchability and Metallic-to-Semiconducting Tunability
Emmanuel Okogbue, Sang Sub Han, Tae-Jun Ko, Hee-Suk Chung, Jinwoo Ma, Mashiyat Sumaiya  Shawkat, Jung Han Kim, Jong Hun Kim, Eunji Ji, Kyu Hwan Oh, Lei Zhai, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Yeonwoong Jung
Nano Letters 19, 7598-7607 (2019)
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Supplementary Cover Image
Phonon-assisted Carrier Transport through a Lattice-mismatched Interface
Hyong Seo Yoon, Juyeong Oh, Jae Young Park, JeongSeob Kang, Junyoung Kwon, Teresa Cusati, Gianluca Fiori, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Alessandro Fortunelli, V. Ongun Ozcelik, Gwan-Hyoung Lee,* Tony Low, Seong Chan Jun*
NPG Asia Materials 11, 14 (2019)
Horizontal-to-Vertical Transition of 2D Layer Orientation in Low-Temperature CVD-Grown PtSe2 and Its Influences on Electrical Properties and Device Applications
Sang Sub Han, Jong Hun Kim, Chanwoo Noh, Jung Han Kim, Eunji Ji , Junyoung Kwon, Seung Min Yu, Tae-Jun Ko, Emmanuel Okogbue, Kyu Hwan Oh, Hee-Suk Chung,* YounJoon Jung,* Gwan-Hyoung Lee,* Yeonwoong Jung*
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 13598-13607 (2019)
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Cover Image
Electrically Conducting and Mechanically Strong Graphene-PLA Composites for 3D Printing
Mirae Kim,+ Jae-Hwan Jeong,+ Jong-Young Lee, Seok-Hyeon Kang, Sanghyuk Kwon, Changgu Lee, Young-Kook Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 11841–11848 (2019)
Recent Progresses in the Growth of Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Yeonjoon Jung,+ Eunji Ji,+ Andrea Capasso, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Journal of Korean Ceramic Society 56, 24-36 (2019)
Carbon Dots Dispersed on Graphene/SiO2/Si: A Morphological Study
Giuliana Faggio, Andrea Gnisci, Giacomo Messina, Nicola Lisi, Andrea Capasso, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Angelo Armano, Alice Sciortino, Fabrizio Messina, Marco Cannas, Franco Mario Gelardi, Emanuela Schilirò, Filippo Giannazzo, Simonpietro Agnellon
Physica Status Solidi A 216, 1800559 (2019)
Ambipolar Memristive Phenomenon in Large-Scale, Few-Layered αMoO3 Recrystallized Films
Hyungsik Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, James Hone, Kenneth L. Shepard
Advanced Materials Interfaces 6, 1801591 (2019)
Microwave Weld Single-walled Carbon Nanotube as a Suitable Electrode for Triboelectric Energy Harvesting from Biomaterials and Bioproducts
Hyun Soo Kim, Dong Yeong Kim, Ji Hye Kwak, Jong Hun Kim, Munkang Choi, Do Hyung Kim, Dong Woo Lee, Dae Sol Kong, Jinhong Park, Sunshin Jung, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Minbaek Lee, Jong Hoon Jung
Nano Energy 56, 338-346 (2019)
Mechanical Properties of Two-dimensional Materials and Their Applications
Jong Hun Kim,+ Jae Hwan Jeong,+ Namwon Kim, Rakesh Joshi, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 52, 083001 (2019)
van der Waals Epitaxial Growth of Single Crystal α-MoO3 Layers on Layered Materials Growth Templates
Jong Hun Kim,+ Jatis Kumar Dash,+ Jun-Young Kwon, Changbae Hyun, Hangyel Kim, Eunji Ji, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
2D Materials  6, 015016 (2019)
Ethanol-CVD Growth of Large Single-Crystal Graphene on Flat Cu Surfaces
Andrea Gnisci, Giuliana Faggio, Giacomo Messina, Junyoung Kwon, Jong-Young Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Theodoros Dikonimos, Nicola Lisi, Andrea Capasso
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 28830-28838 (2018)
Artificial Synaptic Emulators Based on MoS2 Flash Memory Devices with Double Floating Gates
Sum-Gyun Yi, Myung Uk Park, Sung Hyun Kim, Chang Jun Lee, Junyoung Kwon, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Kyung-Hwa Yoo
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  10, 31480-31487 (2018)
Atomically-precise Graphene Etch Stops for 3D Integrated Systems from 2D Material Heterostructures
Jangyup Son,+ Junyoung Kwon,+ SunPhil Kim, Yinchuan Lv, Jaehyung Yu, Jong-Young Lee, Huije Ryu, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Rita Garrido-Menacho, Nadya Mason, Elif Ertekin, Pinshane Y. Huang, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Arend van der Zande* (*co-corresponding authors)
Nature Communications  9, 3988 (2018)
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Nature Research Device and Materials EngineeringYonsei PressDonga Science
A Controlled Carburization Process to Obtain Graphene-Fe3C-Fe Composites
Yi You, Masamichi Yoshimura, Sagar Cholake, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Veena Sahajwalla, Rakesh Joshi
Advanced Materials Interfaces  5, 1800599 (2018)
Single-Crystalline Nanobelts Composed of Transition Metal Ditellurides
Jinsung Kwak, Yongsu Jo, Jung Hwa Kim, Se-Yang Kim, Jae-Ung Lee, Seunguk Song, Jungmin Park, Gun-Do Lee, Jung-Woo Yoo, Sung Youb Kim, Youngmin Kong, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Wan-Gyu Lee, Xiaodong Xu, Hyeonsik Cheong, Euijoon Yoon, Zonghoon Lee, and Soon-Yong Kwon
Advanced Materials 30, 1707260 (2018)
Quantitative Analysis of Improved Bending Fracture Behavior of Large-Scale Graphene Monolayer-Intervened Flexible ZnO:Al Thin Films
Hong Je Choi, Da Bin Kim, Moo Hyun Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Yong Soo Cho
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6, 6125-6131 (2018) 

Highlighted as Front Cover Image
Scaling and Mechanism of Droplet Array Formation on a Laser-ablated Superhydrophobic Grid
Bahador Farshchian, Javad R. Gatabi, Steven M. Bernick, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Ravindranath Droopad, Namwon Kim
Colloids and Surfaces A 547, 49-55 (2018)
Rolling Up 2D Sheets into Nanoscrolls
Eunji Ji, Jangyup Son, Jong Hun Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
FlatChem 7, 26-33 (2017)
Noble Metal-Coated MoS2 Nanofilms with Vetically-Aligned 2D Layers for Visible Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Emerging Water Contaminants
Md Ashraful Islam, Jared Church, Changseok Han, Hee-Suk Chung, Eunji Ji, Jong Hun Kim, Nitin Choudhary, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Woo Hyoung Lee, Yeonwoong Jung
Scientific Reports 7, 14944 (2017)
Recovery of Pristine Surface of Black Phosphorus by Water Rinsing and Its Device Applications
Suhyun Kim+, Jong-Young Lee+, Chul-Ho Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Jihyun Kim*
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 21382–21389 (2017)
Homogeneous 2D MoTe2 p–n Junctions and CMOS Inverters Formed by Atomic-Layer-Deposition-Induced Doping
June Yeong Lim, Atiye Pezeshki, Jin Sung Kim, Young Taek Lee, Sanghyuck Yu, Do Kyung Hwang, Hyoung Joon Choi1, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Seongil Im
Advanced Materials 29, 1701798 (2017)
Thickness-Dependent Schottky Barrier Height of MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors
Junyoung Kwon, Jong-Young Lee, Young-Jun Yu, Chul-Ho Lee, Xu Cui, James Hone, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Nanoscale 9, 6151-6157 (2017)
Direct Observation of Grain Boundaries in Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene
Jong-Young Lee, Ji-Hwan Lee, Min Jung Kim, Jatis Kumar Dash, Chul-Ho Lee, Rakesh Joshi, Sunwoo Lee, James Hone, Aloysius Soon, Gwan-Hyoung Lee
Carbon 115, 147–153 (2017)
Epitaxially Self-Assembled Alkane Layers for Graphene Electronics
Young-Jun Yu*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Ji Il Choi, Chul-Ho Lee, Seok Ju Kang, Sunwoo Lee, Kwang Taeg Rim, Yoon Su Shim, George W. Flynn, James Hone, Yong-Hoon Kim, Philip Kim, Colin Nuckolls, Seokhoon Ahn
Advanced Materials 29, 1603925 (2017)
Two-dimensional Semiconductor Optoelectronics Based on van der Waals Heterostructures
Jae Yoon Lee, Jun-Hwan Shin, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Chul-Ho Lee*
Nanomaterials 6, 193 (2016)
Laser-induced Superhydrophobic Grid Patterns on PDMS for Droplet Arrays Formation
Bahador Farshchian, Javad R. Gatabi, Steven M. Bernick, Sooyeon Park, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Ravindranath Droopad, Namwon Kim
Applied Surface Science 396, 359–365 (2016)
Gate-Tunable Hole and Electron Carrier Transport in Atomically Thin Dual-Channel WSe2/MoS2 Heterostructure for Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistors
Inyeal Lee, Servin Rathi, Dongsuk Lim, Lijun Li, Jinwoo Park, Yoontae Lee, Kyung Soo Yi, Krishna P. Dhakal, Jeongyong Kim, Changgu Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Young Duck Kim, James Hone, Sun Jin Yun, Doo-Hyeb Youn, Gil-Ho Kim
Advanced Materials 28, 9519–9525 (2016)
In Situ Thickness Control of Black Phosphorus Field-Effect Transistors via Ozone Treatment
Suhyun Kim, Younghun Jung, Jong-Young Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Jihyun Kim*
Nano Research 9, 3056-3065 (2016)
Vertically Grown Nanowire Crystals of Dibenzotetrathienocoronene (DBTTC) on Large-area Graphene
Bumjung Kim, Chien-Yang Chiu, Seok-Ju Kang, Keun Soo Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Zheyuan Chen, Seokhoon Ahn, Kevin G. Yager, James Ciston, Colin Nuckolls, Theanne Schiros
RSC Advances 6, 59582-59589 (2016)
Tuning the Thickness of Black Phosphorus via Ion Bombardment-free Plasma for Device Performance Improvement
Geonyeop Lee, Jong-Young Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Jihyun Kim*
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4, 6234-6239 (2016)
Hydrogen Generation via Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Using Chemically Exfoliated MoS2 Layers
Rakesh Joshi, Shobha Shukla , Sumit Saxena , Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Veena Sahajwalla, Subbiah Alwarappan
AIP Advances 6, 015315 (2016)
Blu-ray Based Optomagnetic Aptasensor for Detection of Small Molecules
Jaeyoung Yang, Marco Donolato, Alessandro Pinto, Filippo Giacomo Bosco, En-Te Hwu, Ching-Hsiu Chen, Tommy Sonne Alstrøm, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Thomas Schäfer, Paolo Vavassori, Anja Boisen, Qiao Lin, Mikkel Fougt Hansen
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 75, 396–403 (2016)
Measurement of Lateral and Interfacial Thermal Conductivity of Single- and Bi-Layer MoS2 and MoSe2 using Refined Optothermal Raman Technique
Xian Zhang, Dezheng Sun, Yilei Li, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Xu Cui, Daniel Chenet, Yumeng You, Tony Heinz, James Hone
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 25923-25929 (2015)
Tunable Electrical and Optical Characteristics in Monolayer Graphene and Few-Layer MoS2 Heterostructure Devices
Servin Rathi*, Inyeal Lee*, Dongsuk Lim, Jianwei Wang, Yuichi Ochiai, Nobuyuki Aoki, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Young-Jun Yu, Philip Kim, Gil-Ho Kim (*co-first authors)
Nano Letters 15, 5017-5024 (2015)
Highly Stable, Dual-Gated MoS2 Transistors Encapsulated by Hexagonal Boron Nitride with Gate-Controllable Contact Resistance and Threshold Voltage
Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Xu Cui*, Young Duck Kim, Ghidewon Arefe, Xian Zhang, Chul-Ho Lee, Fan Ye, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Philip Kim, James Hone
ACS Nano 9, 7019–7026 (2015)
Multi-Terminal Transport Measurements of MoS2 Using van der Waals Heterostructure Device Platform
Xu Cui*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Young Duck Kim*, Ghidewon Arefe, Pinshane Y. Huang, Chul-Ho Lee, Daniel A. Chenet, Xian Zhang, Lei Wang, Fan Ye, Filippo Pizzocchero, Bjarke S. Jessen, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, David A. Muller, Tony Low, Philip Kim, James Hone
Nature Nanotechnology 10, 534–540 (2015)
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An Aptameric Graphene Nanosensor for Label-Free Detection of Small-Molecule Biomarkers
Cheng Wang, Jinho Kim, Yibo Zhu, Jaeyoung Yang, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Sunwoo Lee, Jaeeun Yu, Renjun Pei, Guohua Liu, Colin Nuckolls, James Hone, Qiao Lin
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 71, 222-229 (2015)
Heterostructures Based on Inorganic and Organic van der Waals Systems
Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Chul-Ho Lee*, Arend M. van der Zande, Minyong Han, Xu Cui, Ghidewon Arefe, Colin Nuckolls, Tony F. Heinz, James Hone, Philip Kim (*co-first authors)
APL Materials 2, 092511 (2014)
Atomically Thin p-n Junctions with van der Waals Heterointerfaces
Chul-Ho Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Arend M. van der Zande, Wenchao Chen, Yilei Li, Minyong Han, Xu Cui, Ghidewon Arefe, Colin Nuckolls, Tony F. Heinz, Jing Guo, James Hone, Philip Kim
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 676-681 (2014)
Organic Field Effect Transistors Based on Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Heterostructures
Seok Ju Kang*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Young-Jun Yu*, Yue Zhao, Bumjung Kim, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, James Hone, Philip Kim, Colin Nuckolls
Advanced Functional Materials 24, 5157-5163 (2014)
Effect of Defects on the Intrinsic Strength and Stiffness of Graphene
Ardavan Zandiatashbar*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Sung Joo An, Sunwoo Lee, Nithin Mathew, Mauricio Terrones, Takuya Hayashi, Catalin R. Picu, James Hone , Nikhil Koratkar
Nature Communications 5, 3186 (2014)
Graphene Mechanical Oscillators with Tunable Frequency
Changyao Chen*, Sunwoo Lee*, Vikram V. Deshpande, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Michael Lekas, Kenneth Shepard, James Hone
Nature Nanotechnology 8, 923-927 (2013)

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Flexible and Transparent MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors on Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Graphene Heterostructures
Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Young-Jun Yu*, Xu Cui, Nicholas Petrone , Chul-Ho Lee , Min Sup Choi, Dae-Yeong Lee , Changgu Lee , Won Jong Yoo , Kenji Watanabe , Takashi Taniguchi , Colin Nuckolls, Philip Kim , James Hone
ACS Nano 7, 7931–7936 (2013) 

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Graphene Metallization of High-Stress Silicon Nitride Resonators for Electrical Integration
Sunwoo Lee, Vivekananda P. Adiga, Robert A. Barton, Arend van der Zande, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, B. Rob Ilic, Alexander Gondarenko, Jeevak M. Parpia, Harold G. Craighead, James Hone
Nano Letters 13, 4275–4279 (2013)
High Strength Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene and Grain Boundaries
Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Ryan C. Cooper*, Sung Joo An, Sunwoo Lee, Arend van der Zande, Nicholas Petrone, Alexandra G. Hammerberg, Changgu Lee, Bryan Crawford, Warren Oliver, Jeffrey W. Kysar, James Hone
Science 340, 1073-1076 (2013)
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Grains and Grain Boundaries in Highly Crystalline Monolayer Molybdenum Disulphide
Arend M. van der Zande*, Pinshane Y. Huang*, Daniel A. Chenet*, Timothy C. Berkelbach, Yu Meng You, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Tony F. Heinz, David R. Reichman, David A. Muller, James Hone
Nature Materials 12, 554-561 (2013)
Controlled Charge Trapping by MoS2 and Graphene in Ultrathin Heterostructured Memory Devices
Min Sup Choi*, Gwan-Hyoung Lee*, Young-Jun Yu*, Dae-Yeong Lee, Seung Hwan Lee, Philip Kim, James Hone, Won Jong Yoo
Nature Communications 4, 1624 (2013)
Effect of Surface Morphology on Friction of Graphene on Various Substrates
Dae-Hyun Cho, Lei Wang, Jin-Seon Kim, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Eok Su Kim, Sunhee Lee, Sang Yoon Lee, James Hone, Changgu Lee
Nanoscale 5, 3063-3069 (2013)
Electrically Integrated SU-8 Clamped Graphene Drum Resonators for Strain Engineering
Sunwoo Lee, Changyao Chen, Vikram V. Deshpande, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Ilkyu Lee, Michael Lekas, Alexander Gondarenko, Young-Jun Yu, Kenneth Shepard, Philip Kim, James Hone
Applied Physics Letters 102, 153101 (2013) [Front Cover]
Tightly Bound Trions in Monolayer MoS2 
Kin Fai Mak, Keliang He, Changgu Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, James Hone, Tony F. Heinz, Jie Shan
Nature Materials 12, 207-211 (2013)
Graphene Based Heterostructures
Cory R Dean, Andrea F. Young, Lei Wang, Inanc Meric, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Kentaro Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenneth Shepard, Philip Kim, James Hone
Solid State Communications 152, 1275-1282 (2012)
Electron Tunneling Through Atomically Flat and Ultrathin Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Young-Jun Yu, Changgu Lee, Cory Dean, Kenneth L. Shepard, Philip Kim, James Hone
Applied Physics Letters 99, 243114 (2011)
Inking Elastomeric Stamps with Micro-patterned, Single Layer Graphene to Create High-performance OFETs
Seok Ju Kang, Bumjung Kim, Keun Soo Kim, Yue Zhao, Zheyuan Chen, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, James Hone, Philip Kim, Colin Nuckolls
Advanced Materials 23, 3531-3535 (2011)
Adjacent Assembly of Self-Assembled Monolayers for the Construction of Selective Bio-Platforms
Amit Ron, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Levy Amar, Saba Ghassemi, James Hone
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 159, 75-81 (2011)
Solid-Solution Red Phosphors for White LEDs
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Shinhoo Kang
Journal of Luminescence 131, 2582-2588 (2011)
Studies in Crystal Structure and Luminescence Properties of Eu3+-doped Metal Tungstate Phosphors for White LEDs
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Shinhoo Kang
Journal of Luminescence 131, 2606-2611 (2011)
TEM Observation of Growth and Phase Transformation in Nanometer-Sized Titanium Oxide Powder
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Jian-Min Zuo
Journal of Material Science 46, 1780-1788 (2011)
Role of Flux in the Production Process of Red Phosphors for White LEDs
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Chulsoo Yoon, Shinhoo Kang
Journal of Materials Science 43, 6109-6115 (2008)
Effect of Local Environment and Sm3+-codoping on the Luminescence Properties in the Eu3+-doped Potassium Tungstate Phosphor for White LEDs
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Tae-Hyung Kim, Chulsoo Yoon, Shinhoo Kang
Journal of Luminescence 128, 1922-1926 (2008)
Growth of Ultrafine Ti(CN) Particles in Ti(CN)-Ni Cermets
Youngjae Kang, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Shinhoo Kang
Scripta Materialia 56, 133-136 (2007)
Sintering of Nano-Sized WC-Co Powders Produced by a Reduction-Carburization Process
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Shinhoo Kang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 419, 281-289 (2006)
Effect of pH and Lattice Distortion on the Luminescence of (Y,Gd)BO3:Eu3+ Phosphor Prepared by the Coprecipitation Method
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Shinhoo Kang
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 153, H105-H109 (2006)
Effect of Cryomilling on Particle Size and Microstrain in a WC-Co Alloy
Seung-Hwan Back, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Shinhoo Kang
Materials Transactions
46, 105-110 (2005)
Growth and Phase Transformation of Nanometer-Sized Titanium Oxide Powders Produced by the Precipitation Method
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Jian-Min Zuo
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 87, 473-479 (2004)
Processing Issues for Cryomilled WC-Co Nanopowders
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Sangho Park, Shinhoo Kang, Kyung-Hyun Chung, Erique J. Lavernia
Materials Transactions 44, 1935-1941 (2003)
Synthesis of Nano-Sized WC-Co Powders by Reduction-Carburization Process
Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Shinhoo Kang
Materials Transactions 42, 1575-1581 (2001)